IoT Phone App

Phones use gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer data to detect its orientation for games, apps, and window orientation. It also uses GPS to determine its location. This app will collect all those data a phone app game would, and sends them to an Azure Event Hub.

Event Hub Credentials

Device Orientation

Event Supported
Tilt Left/Right [gamma]
Tilt Front/Back [beta]
Direction [alpha]

About the IoT Phone App

Back End

This app was build on the Django framework and JavaScript. Django is a Python based web framework used for rapid deployment of websites. However this app entirely runs on JavaScript.

Connecting to Azure Event Hubs

A JavaScript library called " ServiceBusJavaScriptSdk" was used to connect the client to an Azure Event Hub. Click for the following other libraries in other languages: C, C#, Java, Python.