Twitter Stream Broker

Sends live Twitter stream data from a Twitter API directly into an Azure Event Hub. The business applications for real-time Twitter data is quite versatile. Some examples include tracking tornado damage , high-frequency stock trading , real-time sentiment analysis by geographic location, and brand management portals .

Event Hub Credentials
Twitter API Credentials
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About the Twitter Stream Broker App

Back End

This app was build on the Django framework and JavaScript. Django is a Python based web framework used for rapid deployment of websites.

Connecting to Azure Event Hubs

The Python package called 'azure' was used to establish connections to Azure Event Hubs. Click the following for other languages: C, C#, Java, JavaScript, Python

Connecting to Twitter

The WebApp is built in Django and utilizes a Twitter streaming package called Tweepy . If you wish to build a brokering app like this yourself, that maintains a Twitter stream connection, we also recommend C# and a package called Tweetini . For Twitter packages in any other language, see here for a list.